A Profile and Success Story of KOF

Government of India in mid 1980's started the "Technology Mission on Oilseed and Pulses" (TMOP) in order to enhance productivity in oilseeds and make India self sufficient in edible oil. On 22.8.1984 Government of Karnataka approved the implementation of Nation Dairy Development Board's (NDDB) project "Restructuring Edible Oil& oilseeds Production and marketing' in Karnataka keeping in mind the objectives laid down in the TMOP. The Karnataka Co-operative Oilseeds Growers Federation Limited (KOF), the Agency Entrusted with implementation of the Project, Was registered on 26th October 1984,under the Karnataka Co-operative Societies Act. The project, which was inspired by the Anand Model of Milk Co-operatives, is designed to create an integrated Co-partite System of production, procurement, processing of Oilseeds and marketing of edible oil and its bi-products. This project aimed at establishing a direct link between the producer and the consumer by eliminating middlemen. Village level primary co-operative society’s were organized by making the oilseeds growers as members in turn these primary co-operative societies became the members of the apex body at the state level till June 1990. During the second phase of the project the structure has been re-organized to a three tier cooperative structure with the village level Oilseeds Growers' Cooperative societies affiliated to Regional Unions organized at the district level and in turn the Regional Unions have been affiliated to the state level Federation.

The three Regional Unions, registred on 03rd June 1990, are as shown below

  • Union I : Raichur, Gulbarga, Koppal and Bidar districts.
  • Union II : Bellary, Chitradurga, Davangere and Tumkur districts
  • Union III: Dharwad, BIjapur, Haveri, Gadag, Bagalkot and Belgaum districts.

Objectives of the Federation:

  • To carry out activities conducive for economic and socio-economic development of Oilseed growers by efficient marketing of commodities.
  • To carry out activities of production, procurement and processing of commodities for economic development of oilseeds growers through the affiliated oilseeds unions.
  • To develop and expansion into such other allied activities as may be conducive for the promotion of edible oil industry, improvement of land, increase of productivity of oilseeds per ha. and economic development of those engaged in oilseeds production


At Village level as on 31.03.1999, 390 OGCS have been organized covering 3197 villages with member oilseed area of 3,65,315 hectares. The number of member are 1,53,625. guidance and supervision from the Regional Unions.

  • To encourage production and productivity of oilseed by giving guidance and technical assistance to members.
  • To procure oilseeds from the Oilseed Growers at their door step.
  • To undertake necessary agricultural extension for the benefit of member growers.
  • To provide technical input to member growers.
  • To market edible oil and other products manufactured by the Regional Unions.

Area Agronomic Centre, (Keremathihalli in Haveri District):

The Federation has been giving highest priority for increasing the supply of improved seed. Towards this end, the Federation has set up an Area Agronomic Centre at Haveri with net cultivable area of 23.2ha, where various techniques for multiplication of breeder seeds and adaptive research is carried out. This farm is situated at Keremathihalli village in Haveri district where it also functions as demonstration centre for trials and improved methods of cultivation.