Training centre:

The federation has set up a training Centre along with the Area Agronomic Centre to train the field staff, society secretaries, demonstration growers, seed grower members etc.

Processing Plants:

The project has got a processing plant at Hospet in Bellary district with a capacity of 250 tones per day Groundnut Crushing, a 50 TPD sunflower crushing capacity, a 100 TDP solvent extraction plant and a 50 TDP continuous refinery. This plant comes under Hospet Regional Union. The Raichur Regional Union has an Oil Processing plant at Raichur with facilities of 140 TDP oilseeds crushing,70 TDP solvent Extraction, 20 TDP refinery and 100 TDP cottonseed preparatory section. The plant was purchased from Karnataka Agro Proteins Ltd, at a total cost of Rs.2.46 cores during the year1992. The Federation under its direct control has a crushing unit situated at Devanagere acquired from Karnataka Co-operative Marketing Federation with 50 TDP Groundnut crushing capacity, during July 1992 at a total cost of Rs.1.25 cores.

Oil Packaging station, Whitefield

KOF has modern edible oil packaging plant at Whitefield, Bangalore. Various types of edible oils are packed in sachets, Bottles, jerry cans and Barrels to suit the market requirements.


KOF and its regional Unions are marketing edible oils consumer packs the extent of 1300 MTs per month. OF is the brand leader in "Safal" Double filtered Groundnut oil, since last 15 years Even in spite of server competition from national players and Regional players KOF has a consistent growth in consumer marketing activities. KOF’s major strength is consistent quality and timely supplies. OF is also catering edible oils to major factory canteens (both private and public sectors) in and around Bangalore. KOF has got strong distribution network all over Karnataka which is the backbone in FMCG marketing.

KOF markets following edible oils under the corporate brand name of "Safal" in consumer packs:

Safal - Refined/Feltered Groundnut Oil
Safal Sunglod - Sunflower Oil
Safal premium - Refined Sunflower Oil
Safal - Pure Coconut Oil
Safal - Pure Farm Fresh Peanuts.

All these Products carry the Government of India’s "AGMARK" seal which is a certification that ensure the purity and quality of the products.

Financial Performance:

KOF and its three Regional Unions started posting profits consistently from the last four years. During the year 2002-03. KOF and regional unions are likely to post the net profit. Through the vegetable oil industry is sick due to edible oils imports under OGL, KOF and its Regional Oil Union have survived and started posting net profits. This achievement is possible to KOF because of dynamic and dedicated Board, Officers, Employees, strong marketing network and grass root village level farmers networks to source the raw materials.

Cost Cutting:

KOF and its Regional Unions have reduced its administrative overheads to the tune of 35% and also reduced the man power strength by implementing Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) and almost 25% of the manpower is reduced.

PSS Operation:

KOF is acting as sub agent of Nafed in Karnataka for PSS operation. This avoids distress sale of oilseeds by the farmer of Karnataka state. KOF procured oilseeds under support price scheme from village level co-operative societies. KOF has procured huge quantities of oilseeds during 1999-2000 up to 2002-2003.Farmers are happy with the PASS operation undertaken by KOF.


  • Second Best Productivity Award from the national productivity Council during 1985-86 Best Productivity Award during 1987-88 for its over all progress in the Oilseeds sector form the National productivity Council.
  • International Diamond Star Award for Quality form national Institute of Marketing Mexico during the year 1994-95.
  • Award for excellence and commitment to quality of the year 1995-96 by national Productivity Council.
  • Certificate of Merit Award for the year 197-98 in the category of Marketing and Oilseeds Federations sector from National Productivity Council, New Delhi.
  • Second Best Productivity Award for the year 1998-99 in the category of Marketing & Oilseeds Federations Sector From National Productivity Council, New Delhi
  • First Award For the year 2002-03 and second Award for the year 2003-04 form National Productivity Council, New Delhi.